Effortless. Simple. Bold. Dallas-based HANNA takes to the stage.

HANNA, a self-taught musician discovered her passion for music her freshman year of high school. Fast-forward to 2017 when she took party-goers by storm and secured the win for ComplexCon PUMA Artist Find.

HANNA in her own words…

Free, simple and wild. Creativity in me is fueled by circumstances around me that have broken me down or brought light to the weaknesses I have. I am a consumer of life and observer of human interactions. This influences me to write about being your greatest warrior. I have a passion for seeing the best assets of people and bringing them to life. Inspiring others to have a voice. pursue what they love. Hanna Is a light into darkness. I want to obtain a platform that liberates the depressed and stuck showing them that everyone has a purpose.

Join us TONIGHT for a special live performance.